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Welcome to the Nordic Fundraising Academy

The fundraising education is for everyone who works professionally with fundraising, whether you are new or have been in the industry for many years. 

The next start is March 2022. You will receive material for preparation in February. 

What is the Nordic Fundraising Academy?

Read here when the head of the NFA, Charlotte Dyhr, talks about the education. 


At Nordic Fundraising Academy, you get a professional education that is both theory and practice. You work with your organization and your challenges all the way and get inspiration, knowledge and concrete tools that make it possible to implement your learning continuously throughout the training process. A win-win-win education for both you, your organization and for the donors.

For how can you build a consistent and reliable database of donors? What does it take to build valuable and lasting relationships with your donors? What do you need to know and do to bring your organization to the next level of fundraising?  


We help you through concrete tools and knowledge to lift your fundraising initiatives and routines, so you can raise even more money for your good and important purposes.  You get a valuable network of other professional fundraisers and always online access to expert knowledge. We use only the very best experts to teach you.


The education is a mix of teaching, hands-on, knowledge sharing, networks, cases and submissions as well as implementation in own organization.  

We hope to see you and your organization!

1 year education in 4 modules

Strategy and donor journey

August 2022

September, 2022

October 2022

Storytelling and The Why

November, 2022

December 2022

January 2023

Online and insight

February 2022

March 23, 2022

April 2022

New opportunities and GDPR

May 2022

June 1, 2022

July 2022


September 2022

Strategy and

donor Journey 

We work with goals and

the road to a good fundraising strategy and donor journey. You gain insight into the most important key figures in your database via a mini-analysis. We also work with resources, internal culture, technical conditions and will design the organization's "economic engine".



A comprehensive fundraising strategy and donor journey plan as well as mini-analysis of your database.

We work to tell the story of your organization and what you do. Why do you exist? And why should the donor get involved? What is your WHY? We also work with "case-of-support" stories that must touch both the heart and brain of the donor and be used in the collection work.  



The organization's WHY, HOW & WHAT and a “case-of-support” story for your organization. 

Storytelling and WHY

Online and insight

We work on how your organization can succeed better online. What does it take? How to transform from analog to digital? We are working to develop and launch an online campaign for your organization. We work with ad development, campaign setup and measurement results.


A complete digital fundraising campaign for your organization.

We work with new digital tools and get lots of inspiration. How do you make a personal thank you video for all the donors? How is technology used to attract and retain your donors? We also work with GDPR in a practical way. A concrete checklist and routine for your organization.



New technical possibilities and control of GDPR "made easy". 

New opportunities and GDPR

Your module overview

Each module is structured as follows

Time consumption: approx. 38 hours per. module (all incl.)


You will receive 

  • An all-round fundraising education and diploma after passing and finishing education.

  • Competencies within strategy, donor journey, storytelling, analysis and knowledge.  

  • Inspiration from the most talented

     in the industry.

  • Tools and an online universe.

  • Latest knowledge in online fundraising.

  • Professional network of other experts and fundraisers.

The organization will receive

  • Competent and inspired employee.

  • 4 issues with solution and implementation.

  • A detailed fundraising strategy.

  • Strengthened collection work.  


  • Updated on latest knowledge.

The Donor will receive

  • The donor in the center. See what a difference they make.

  • Inspiration and opportunities for action to be part of the work

  • Opportunity to support easily

     and simple

  • Invitations and competitions, fun and learning.

Om os

Marius & Charlotte

Partners in the Nordic Fundraising Academy

We have both worked +20 years in the fundraising industry and both seen and experienced what works and what does not work. We have even participated in various fundraising courses and educations, made countless campaigns on- and offline with both good and bad results. Because why exactly does my campaign not work? Why are some successful and others not? Is that the case? Is it a matter of money invested in fundraising? Or is it just because we are busy with many things at once?


In the midst of the work, we have experienced how frustrating it is to knuckle down for a cause and not understand why campaigns are not yielding the desired result.


We think it's very simple; Fundraising is a craft and it's about using the right tools.


What we have learned through several years of work, and which we want to pass on, are simple methodologies and tools that enable EVERYONE to lift the collection work. We will both act as facilitators throughout the process.

And then we have found the best teachers for you from the USA, England, Norway and Denmark. You can look forward to it - it will be an exciting journey and you are invited.


The Teachers

(Changes may occur)

Kim Skytte Graae.png

Kim Skytte Graae (DK)

Owner of  

Consultant  and  teaches GDPR

Sigurd Pedersen (NO).png

Sigurd Pedersen (NO)

Adviser at

Fullstakk Marketing


Kenn Burnett (UK)

Fundraising expert & author

Relationship fundraising


Howard Lake (UK)

Fundraising expert

Founder of

Christian Sophus Ehlers.jpg

Christian Sophus Ehlers (DK)

Online fundraising expert  

Digital fundraising & recruitment


Marius Hammer (N)

General Manager Knif Fundraising

Idea and analysis


Charlotte Dyhr (DK)

Head of the NFA

Strategy & storytelling


Platin LIVE
- 6,500 USD -

  • 4 modules 1 day X 4 (Online and LIVE) plus breakout sessions

  • Books and material

  • Links for inspiration

  • Group sessions 2 x 4

  • Individual coaching x 4

  • Exam submission with feedback

  • Graduation + certificate

- 3000 USD -

  • 4 modules 1 day X 4 (Online and LIVE) plus breakout sessions

  • Books and material

  • Links for inspiration

  • Graduation + certificate

Basic LIVE
- 999 USD -

  • 4 modules 1 day X 4 (Online and LIVE) plus breakout sessions

Basic LIVE
- 99 USD -

  • 12 hours of video recordings sent via link.

to the Nordic Fundraising Academy

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